Bad days – we all have them.

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Bad days come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they are a singular day of darkness, sometimes they appear in pairs of doom. Sometimes you feel prepared and energised to take on the day, other times you like you are behind from the minute you wake up (you know the kind of day I’m talking about). Having a day or two or three or a week, doesn’t necessarily mean you have a mental illness or need medication or intervention. What a bad day, or two or three or a week does tell you, is that something isn’t working, and you are being called to attention.  

Firstly – this is COMPLETLEY normal; It is part of the human condition to be at extremes of the emotional spectrum at times and this is OK. Depending on the on the severity of the signs and symptoms and the length of time they hang around, will determine your course of action.

If you are ever in doubt, there is zero harm in popping into your GP and having a conversation. There may be a physical or psychological reason for your symptoms so it’s worth exploring. If the bad day has turned to weeks with no improvement or a continual worsening, it’s definitely time to see your healthcare professional.

For some people their odd days seemingly happen sporadically, and the clouds seem to lift in a day or so. If this is the case for you, it might be time to have a look at what’s going on. Is there something that happens around this time? Something at work or at home? Have you been looking after your basic needs (sleep, food, water)? Is there a pattern you can see? It can be a useful exercise to sit down and examine your days. Where are you needing improvement and what are you doing well. It’s not a new revelation, but self-reflection is a brilliant tool and worth trying!

If you have odd bad days, frequent ones, bad days influenced by something or not – you need to know two things. 1- you aren’t the only one. 2- there are things you can do to help the clouds lift.  We’ve covered self-care in an earlier blog, but it might be worth revisiting. What are you doing to nourish yourself? Taking some time out for yourself can be priceless. Sometimes we can get very comfortable in amongst the dark clouds and it isn’t good for your wellbeing in the long term.

Bad days are normal and everyone has them. Remember to implement additional self-care and take some time out for yourself. If the bad days turn into weeks and there is little to no improvement, its time to see a health care professional. An app like Recharge by Reach Out, is a great mood tracking tool (free from the app store) that you can store data in. If you feel like you’re surrounded by dark clouds – you aren’t alone, reach out for the support you need.

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