Self-care. What is it? Is it important?

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If you have ever attended a TWB workshop, you would have heard Bec and I talk about self-care. We are so passionate about this concept and cannot speak highly enough of its importance in everyday life.

Now there is a common misconception that self-care requires a very expensive spa-day including manicure, pedicure, massage, getting your hair done, having a two- hour nap and a private chef to cook you an organic feast! Now not to be discriminatory, for some people this is their self-care and that’s A OK (I admit I’m jealous). For others, self-care need to be pocket sized and easily transported.

Just like the way illness manifests itself differently in every individual; the way every individual takes care of themselves is also different. For some people running 5kms or doing hot yoga or ocean swimming are great ways to look after the mind and body. For others that would be a severe punishment for some unfathomable crime. Some may think meditation and affirmations are nonsense, whilst for others it works wonders. I think you can see my point; that every method for self-care will be different, but everyone needs some sort of method.

A lot of the strategies I’ve mentioned, take significant effort, which isn’t always the case. Sometimes self-care is drinking more water. Eating good, healthy food. Getting an appropriate amount of sleep. Stretching your body after sitting at your desk. Having that donut. Getting some sunshine and fresh air at lunch time. Calling a friend. Watching your guilty pleasure on Netflix. I could list a hundred more strategies that can easily be implemented into your life (Let me know if you want this and I can put it on Facebook!) and if you aren’t already doing anything like this – use some of these as a starting point! Or make up your own – if the activity nourishes your soul, body or mind – you’ve got it!

We’ve looked at what self-care is, now why do we need it? Things like food, air and sleep are pretty straight forward; we need them to physically survive. However, for our physical bodies to flourish, we need to nourish our mind and soul. To cope with 2018 and all the worry, social media, work stress, financial stress, social and family commitments and whatever is going on in your personal life; you NEED to look after yourself. Reputable websites such as SANE, REACH OUT, MIND.UK all have fantastic resources for self-care and have brilliant resources pages where you can further your search.

The moral is that self-care does not have to be lavish, expensive or time-consuming. It can be the smallest inclusion in your day, but I promise it will make a big difference. Do something for yourself today and let us know what works for you!

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