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I have been creating TWB ‘s Facebook page content since its inception a few years ago, and in that time, I found some wonderful Facebook pages and websites that are always guaranteed to make me smile or give me a ‘true and lived’ perspective on mental health. The internet can be a dark place, so it’s important to find the pockets of lights – here are some of the best I have found!

‘The Mighty’ (via Facebook and a website). “Mental Health – on The Mighty”, “Anxiety – on The Mighty”, “Talking About Suicide on The Mighty” – these guys assume many names and they share some incredible content. On their Facebook page, their often post asking for people with lived experience to contribute to an upcoming article that will be published. Talking about lived experiences and creating an inclusive environment where people can feel connected and less alone – is their speciality and I highly recommend you check them out.

R U OK? (via Facebook, Instagram and website) Not only do these guys do incredible work promoting people to have meaningful conversations around the country, they share some amazing online content. On their Instagram and Facebook, they share infographics with tips on how to start conversations, how you can be a good listener and how you can support the people you start conversations with. These little bites of wisdom are always a ray of sunshine on social media and if you aren’t already you should head on over and follow them!

SANE – (via Facebook and website) SANE needs no introduction and have been doing brilliant work in the mental health sector for a long time. ‘Topic Tuesday’s’ is run through, which is a forum for those with lived experience. Users of the forum can log-in, listen and join the conversations around topics of interest at the time. Interacting with others who are living a similar experience can be beneficial and create connections that otherwise may not have been found.

The Happiness Institute – (via Instagram and Website) Dr Tim Sharp is a psychologist, speaker, consultant and mental health advocate. On Instagram there are daily doses of happiness and inspiration; with pictures, infographics and quotes that remind you to smile. On Dr Sharp’s website, there are blogs that cover a range of mental health topics with accurate and reliable information for carers, consumers and professionals in the industry.  @thehappinessinstitute on Instagram will be a beautiful inclusion to your feed and one I highly recommend.

Of course, this not an all-encompassing list of the greatest the internet has to offer, there are so many wonderful Facebook and Instagram pages, blogs, websites, forums that put a spotlight on mental health and create wonderful communities. I encourage you to create Facebook and Instagram feeds that make you feel connected and fulfilled rather than isolated and empty. Let’s use the internet for good and promote positive mental health!

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