About Us

Our Mission

The Wholistic Being is a movement towards positive mental health for everyone. I (Lucy) have a passion for mental health awareness and education in the community. I have a personal history with mental illness that spans nearly a decade and understand the importance of knowledge in learning to overcome the stigma surrounding mental illness and ultimatley, the illness itself.

Mental illness affects 1 in 5 people in Australia however this does not include the families, friends and colleagues of those who are ill, they are also affected on a daily basis. Mental health problems come in many shapes and sizes and don’t look the same for any two people, but a solid base of knowledge can make a big difference for early intervention and for an individual’s life and the wider community.

The Wholistic Being provides Mental Health First Aid and Suicide Prevention and awareness training for individuals, community groups and organisations and is a promoter for everyone partnering for positive mental health.

At The Wholistic Being we aim to deliver training to increase awareness around mental health and mental illness. We endeavour to do this with integrity for the content and passion for the cause.

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